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Bella Perfecta Ultra

No heat and feeling of rubbing
Protection from irritations

Bella Perfecta Ultra

Protection from side leakage

Bella Perfecta Ultra

Feeling of dryness
Protection from leakage

Bella Perfecta Ultra

Reduction of unpleasant smell
Feeling of freshness

Bella Perfecta Ultra Bella Perfecta Ultra

Menstruation is a natural part of every woman's life and it is very important to educate girls in India about it. Very often in the office I see my female colleagues who feel embarrassed because of their period and very often they can't even ask for sanitary pad. I always #SharePad with them and tell that they should feel comfortable at their period - both physically and mentally. Bella gives the best comfort for every woman, try their products and you will feel the difference

- Anna

Once on a trip to Goa I was waiting in line to the pay toilet when I over heard a girl say she needed one so I promptly did #SharePad with her not one but two #Bella Drai pads and she was so happy n relieved to get it which in turn made me happy to have helped a girl in need!

- Elaine B

I help my daughter's friend #Shalu . She is not going to school in our period days because she feel uncomfortable n her clothes become dirty. So I suggest her that please not use old clothes. Always use sanitary pads. This is very good n easy to use. This is pocket friendly also. When she used this , she was very happy. And now she never miss school n other activities.

- Nidhi Aggarwal
Bella Perfecta Ultra

Surprised by your periods again? Not anymore.

Let Bella Period Calendar App help you keep track of menstrual cycle. Download the Bella Period Calendar App from Play Store or App Store now.

Bella Perfecta Ultra

Mary Kom is an Indian Olympic boxer from Manipur. She is the only woman to become World Amateur Boxing champion for a record six times, and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the seven world championships.

Mary Kom

Boxer, India

Roshini Sharma recently became the first Indian woman to ride a motorbike from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Roshni Sharma, 30, started riding a bike at the age of 16. But she didn’t stop at just learning it for fun or riding around traffic jams. Her love and passion for riding bikes today has become an example and inspiration for all women bike riders in India who see her as their role model.

Roshni Sharma

Woman Biker

Mithali Raj was the first woman to score a double hundred in Test Cricket (214* against New Zealand at Wellington, 2004). She was the first to achieve this landmark in the world.

Mithali Raj

Indian cricketer

Pratibha Patil became the first woman President of India and held office from July 2007 to July 2012.

Pratibha Patil

Ex-President of India

Kalpana Chawla was the first Indian woman who reached in space. As a mission specialist and a primary robotic arm operator, she went into space in 1997.

Kalpana Chawla


Sania Mirza, a professional tennis player, became the first ever Indian woman to win the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) title in 2005. Later in 2015, Sania Mirza became the first Indian woman to be ranked no. 1 in WTA's double rankings.

Sania Mirza

Professional Tennis Player

Saina Nehwal became the first Indian women to win a medal in Badminton at 2012 Olympic Games. Later in 2015, she became the first Indian woman to secure no. 1 position in world rankings.

Saina Nehwal

Professional Badminton Singles Player

Bella Perfecta Ultra

Bella is a worldwide known brand of female hygiene products with over 65 years of experience.

Bella tradition reaches out to 1950’s in Poland, Europe. From the very beginning, Bella won the trust of women and quickly became a brand recognized all over the world for it’s the highest quality and reliability.

Today, Bella products are known in over 80 countries in the world, on 6 continents! Innovation and quality have always been our core values.

In India Bella has full offer of female hygiene solutions to satisfy every woman’ needs – sanitary napkins, tampons, panty liners, intimate care and cotton products.